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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a legitimate company? 

Yes we are. We have been in the recruiting industry since 1994 and have duly licenses to hire and recruit internationally. We have recruited from nurses, to teachers, to aircraft mechanics and healthcare professionals. We host job fairs with permits secured from POEA and Department of Labor and have delivered workers to the United States with an either a work permit or a green card depending on their employment offer. We have a physical office both in the Philippines and Los Angeles. Feel free to come visit us! 

Nurse Writing on Clipboard

What visa category is it filed under?

All our RN-NCLEX and Nurse Assistants filing will be under EB-3 immigrant visa employment petitions


What are your waiting times like?

Waiting times vary by job category and immigration process. It ranges from 6 months to up to 3 years. 

A nurse taking card of old patient

How much will it cost? 

It varies by employer offer, however, most employers covers all immigration and legal fees. The applicant covers needed accreditation requirements for RN petitions like English test, Visa screen, NCLEX examination, license endorsement. 

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